Welcome to our Tiny House page! This site shall serve as a chronicle of our experiences building (and moving into) a 140 sq ft structure built upon a 10,000lb equipment trailer.

Check back regularly for updated content. Feel free to comment and discuss anything posted here.

The site will be undergoing many metamorphosis during the next several weeks as we add information designed to answer the common concerns folks who hear about what we are doing.

Questions like “Is it legal?” “Is it safe?” and “Where do you plan on parking it?”, and “Where will you go poop?” are all very good questions … so … the short answers for now are

Safe: Yes!…..

Legal: Totally!…

If you need some foreclosure resistance assistance ($), we can park it on your property…

and .. in a bucket at first….. in a bucket.

The options we are exploring for the long answers can be found on our links page and by the work that has been done by those before us. But we do feel very optimistic as the “worst case scenarios” of gravity-fed plumbing with bucket grey water system and a composting toilet is within our acceptance threshold.

We expect that the off-grid solar system and propane burning boat fireplace will make up for the minor inconvenience of temporarily living with an archaic septic management system before we can afford to retrofit tanks and maceration pump.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW!! This looks GREAT!! I will be there Tuesday to help out. You two are amazing and I can see ALL your plans and dreams will come true!! SMILES & HUGS 2 U BOTH

  2. Fantastic!!!! I’m so proud of you guys in so many ways! I’m a designer/ remodeler and appreciate this project so much! “tiny houses” are such a statement and sacrifice, but so amazing….. It’s great you are building this yourselves…..keep up the great work and much thanks for sharing this with me….. Maybe you can bring your house to Colorado some day;) hope to see you again soon Candace! Miss your smiley eyes…..Glad to see you are making your dent in the world and happiness is exploding in your heart! Peace and love


  3. So excited for you two as you reach this point in the project! I am working those days but will try to find a break where I can get there and help out as much as I can. Thanks for letting the community know so we can be a part of this! I will let my daughter, the tiny house fan, who is here visiting from Wyoming know so maybe she can join us. Best b

  4. Aaron and Candace,
    Thanks for being leaders in demonstrating that life can be lived much more lightly on Mother Earth. Your dedication and excitement in living your values is incredibly inspiring. I look forward to continuing to follow your journey.

  5. Hi, Candace and Aaron!
    I bicycled to Whole House Supply Tuesday afternoon. You’re just a mile from my house.
    Folks there ignored me so I opened the gate next door and checked out your little house from behind the fence. Impressive!
    About wastewater (as noted in this post), I can give you some plans for some zero-discharge eco-toilet and graywater systems you can easily make yourself.

    Carol (from the dumpster diving event)

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