Help Name our House :)

Help us to name the house!!
leave a comment below with a suggestion for a name.

Best Suggestions Will be Listed Below

Ellarsea – or L.R.C. for “Little Redwood Cabin”  – By Anonymous




8 thoughts on “Help Name our House :)

  1. Rosealyn ~ How to say the name: (Rose-A-Lin)

    or Bella/Bello becuz in Italian Bello means beautiful!!

    And Bela means Beautiful in Esperanto

    or casa sana means healthy house in italian

    or……………………………HANNAH which is english for HANNAH

  2. As you are building at Whole House Salvage yard and their website name is “driftwood salvage”, call it Driftwood.

    Plus, I noticed the photos of your beach construction using driftwood…

    If you decide to call it Driftwood, then try to incorporate some real driftwood in the design!

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