A BIG thank you to all who have helped to make this possible! Those on this list donated time, money, materials, space & a home for us to stay while we were designing & building. We couldn’t have done this without your love & support! TOUSEN TAK!!

Paul Gardner / Whole House Building Supply, for providing us with a site for fabrication.

Mary Castle: Providing us with a place to live while we build, allowing us to funnel our money into resources rather than rent.

In Loving Memory of Bud & Phyllis Anderson

Jim Anderson: Cash donation

Mary Buchholtz: Cash donation ~ Thank you Grandma 🙂

Jan Aasand: Cash donation, moral support & handling public relations for friends & family back home in North Dakota who are asking “less than 200 sq/ft!?”

Michael and Laura Withers: Use of tools (particularly the compound mitre saw & the impact driver!)

In Loving Memory of Richard “Dick” Raines: Cash donation, as well as being an early supporter who helped nurture this project from the “Idea” phase.

Pat Dwyer, Ralph Humphries, & Nathan the Epic: Cash donation and a week long retreat at the San Carlos Dream Home where we occupied some balance, worked on drawings and design and took a few photos 🙂 Photos below are taken from the garden in their beautiful backyard.

Thomas Atwood & Debbie Mytels: Moral Support, a beveled edge mirror, cash, and too many burrito dinners to count.

UURFC Resilience Circle: Our family of friends of whom we are learning to become a stronger, more resilient community. All have been excited and supportive of this process; Kitty has been excited to see our progress since we first started the sub-floor (which could be seen as pretty boring by some) & Orrin was so eager to help that he inspired the barn raising!

Would you like to become a donor? Contact us at candace @ for more information. We would love to add you to the list of those who have helped us with our adventure in downsizing!




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